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Pine Ridge Regulators
Always drink upstream from the herd.  Unknown
March 8, 2011

Multiple Line Textbox 1 Lee Load Master
  Includes: Bullet feed kit, feed die and fingers,  loaded round catcher, case collator, case
feeder tubes, multi tube feeder, lee adjustable charge bar, extra swivel adapters, lee safety
powder scale. Reloader currently set up for 45 long colt reloading.  Asking $100.00

Wrangler western hat 7 1/8 call the "Eastwood" (never worn)  Paid $120.00.  Asking $40.00

Mark  (Shenandoah Tenor-foot)
Indianapolis, In.
(317) 862-1628

October 25, 2010

Preacher has a few items 4-sale  Call him at 765-795-3016

30.06 NEW Brass, 98 count for $20.00
8mm NEW Brass, 98 count for $20.00
40-70 NEW Brass, 20 count for $10.00
Midway Bullets, 45 LC, 100 count for $10.00